{new} (etsy} Owl be your Valentine…

…if you’ll be mine!   New in the etsy shop is the Owl candy bar box for Valentine’s Day! These are quick and easy for teacher, neighbor, and co-worker gifts…and would be great little treats for school!  These little boxes hold a full size Hershey’s chocolate bar.  yum!

The download is available in the etsy shop.  It comes with an instruction sheet, too, with several photos.  But, just in case, I even did a little video to show you how easy these are to assemble.

{tutorials} Big Score!

I did a little video today about the different ways to score your printables and why it’s important.  Check it out!

Christmas Countdown…a FREEBIE!

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WOO HOO!  I’m getting this up before the first of December…I feel like that’s a major accomplishment :)  I just wanted to share something that I think y’all might like!  An easy, cute, and FREE Countdown to Christmas.

Here’s what we’re making…a Countdown to Christmas frame

You’ll need…

Picture frame with the glass taken out

Decorative papers

Brad or glue

A binder or bulldog clip

24 tags with the numbers 1-24 (print them out here)

ribbons, decorations, or stickers


I found a frame I liked and took out both the glass and the paper insert from inside the frame.  I used the paper insert as a pattern and cut some decorative paper to the same size.  You might consider using some cardboard (I used a cereal box that I cut to fit) behind the paper for added support.  Using a brad or glue, secure a small bulldog clip to the decorative paper.  Place the paper and cardboard backing inside the frame.

Here’s the easy part…download your tag freebie.  Then print and cut out the tags.  All that’s left is to add some embellishment.  I simply stapled some ribbon scraps to my tags.  You’re ready for the countdown!  Cute, right?  I made the tags kinda plain so that it would go with just about any colors you decide to do.  And I love how they’re kinda vintage-y.

Ta-daaaaa!  Great as an early gift for neighbors, co-workers, and teachers, too.  Kids love ‘em too!


I’m linking up…
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{Video Tutorial} Using our video tutorials

Well, Teacher Appreciation week is over.  Never fear, I have lots of printables in the works…backyard bbq, Father’s Day, last day of school.  This week I’ll be busy :)  While I’m working, don’t forget to check out the video tutorials I’ve made.  I don’t think my Texas twang came out too much…maybe I just sound funny on video to myself!






and here

{In a Jar} Little Pies in a Jar with a FREEBIE!

I have been wanting to try this ever since I first saw it over on Our Best Bites in September.

I finally did it.

First, let me say that I wish I was the kind of baker that loved to bake from scratch.  I really admire those people.  To make a pie crust from scratch would be delicious.  I just don’t have that kind of patience.  Granted, I did want to make the pie filling with Honey Crisp apples.  The absolute best apples on the planet.  However, the grocery store didn’t have them yesterday and by golly, I wanted pie, so canned pie filling it is.  I found these half-pint jelly jars at Walmart and snatched them up…each cute little jar is 4 ounces. {love these jars!}


I followed the steps set out by Our Best Bites.  I went the easy way and used a ready made pie crust and canned pie filling.  {Now the box of pie crusts come with two crusts, a top and a bottom.  I only used one and it made four little pies.} I let the pie crust sit for about 5 minutes before I rolled it out on wax paper.  Using the tops of the jars, I cut circles for the pie tops.

pie2 Then using little pieces of crust that I tore off, I pressed the pie crust on the bottom and sides of the jar. {I didn’t grease them}

pie3 I used about 1/3 cup of pie filling for each little jar.

pie4 I took a little heart cookie cutter I had {from a Wilton set…butterfly, scalloped heart, flower, etc} to cut a heart out of the top.  I pinched the tops into the jars.  I would have loved to do the beautiful little fork trick to seal the edges…I tried it and it didn’t work for me.  Maybe there’s a trick.  I was just hankerin’ for some pie, so I pinched the edges in and let it be.


I put the heart I cut out back on top, offset a bit so the pie could breathe and bubble.  Then I brushed the top with melted butter and sprinkled it with sugar, per the suggestion.  I put tops of two of them and popped them in the freezer.  The other two I put on a baking sheet in a 375 degree oven.  They baked for about 40 minutes.

pie6 I shared the other two today with a friend.  I tied the rim with ribbon and used a 2 inch scalloped punch to cut out these cute little tags that just happen to have the directions on them.

pie8 pie7 I thought some of you might like the labels, so I made some up to share!  You can download the labels here! The picture is also linked.  It’s a PDF file, so no special software is needed.  You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader {which you probably have already}.  Just download, open, and print.


12 Days Blog Hop: Day 12

Pam has the last and final day of the blog hop…but it’s a really good one!  She has a freebie download and a link to the felt blooms tutorial…JACKPOT!


12 Days Blog Hop: Day 10

You know I love Mari!  She’s made the cutest little reindeer for today’s project!  Run over to her blog and check it out!


12 Days Blog Hop: Day 9

Today it’s Kelleigh’s turn to wow us!  Her feature today is the cutest little wish baskets…go check it out!  Kelleigh always makes you look like you spent hours on a gift, when it really takes no time because she makes it so easy.  You really should try out one of her projects!


12 Days Blog Hop: Day 8

Head over to Pam’s blog today for a great tutorial and a freebie!

Pam Day 8

12 Days Blog Hop: Day 7

It’s my turn again!  For those of you who don’t know, I used to teach elementary school.  And preschool.  And I have a couple of  rugrats of my own.  Which, I suppose, is why I love kid friendly projects.  I have a few educational and fun projects (under The Hybrid Kid name)  in my store, like this one (which is one of my all time favs).  I think these projects foster together time, fine motor skills, and a development of creativity.  Today’s project is a favorite.

Every year, we (the kids and I) make ornaments.  We keep them, display them, and gift them.  Our tree is full of handmade ornaments.  We even have a few that I and my hubby made from years ago!  And although it makes our tree a little bit hodge-podge, every single ornament on the tree belongs to a family member and has special meaning.  The decorating of the tree brings back lots of memories…’I made this one in 2nd grade when we lived in Texas’ and so on.


For this project, you’ll need…

scissors (or a paper cutter, if you have one)

paper (either printed from our huge Grab Bag or scrapbook paper you’ve bought…preferably double-sided)

clear ball ornament


First, let me say that I’m so happy to find PLASTIC ornaments this year.  In year’s past, we have used the glass ball ornaments.  Although they look the same and are still very pretty, they are glass.  So that meant being extra careful with sharp edges and little fingers and being extra careful with holding and hanging.  I am thrilled to find these…and at Michael’s…and on SALE this week!

Before, I called the girls in to begin, I picked a few digital papers from the Grab Bag and printed them as full 8.5″ X 11″ sheets on cardstock paper.  Then I turned them over and ran them through the printer again with a coordinating paper.  Basically, I made double-sided paper.  I trimmed the white edges off with the paper cutter. **VENT:  my blasted Mac and printer won’t print a full edge to edge page!  I think it’s a Mac thing, but it’s frustrating!**  Then I (or in this case, a good friend who came to help) cut the paper in strips.  The skinnier the strip the curlier it will seem.  These strips were probably between 1/4 and 1/2 an inch.

12days-ornament2 Now take a pencil (or dowel or pen or whatever you can find) and roll the strips of paper around.

12days-ornament3 When you pull the rolled strip off the pencil, you can either leave it curled on itself or pull it out in a spiral-y fashion.  Then tuck the curled paper into the clear plastic ball ornament.

12days-ornament4 We actually set out the paper strips and some ribbon for the girls and just let them go.  They took all kinds of approaches.  Curling paper around the pencil, curling it without a pencil, using little bits of ribbon, you name it.  **Thanks C and A for helping us!**

12days-ornament5 When they were finished, we put the little top back on the ornament and they tied a bit of ribbon to the top.  Then we added a little bit of skinny ribbon to use as a hanger.  I love that these were made by her, by herself.  And she likes that, too :)


Because I used my ribbon and already had paper to print on, I spent less than 75 cents on each of these ornaments.  Not bad.  Did I mention that these fit perfectly in those take out boxes you can buy at the craft store?  Just wrap in tissue and pop them in the take out box…and of course use a tag from the Grab Bag…and it’s ready to go!

Some other ideas for these ornaments…

besides the paper twirls, add some ribbon, fake snow, glitter, or tiny jingle bells

monogram each one with a vinyl letter (using your Cricut) or letter stickers

these are perfect, gifts for aunts, grandmas, teachers, and friends

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