{birthday, my real life} goodie bags for school

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And since I seem to be in the birthday state of mind…here’s a shot of the birthday goodie bags I sent to school with the youngest.  Her birthday is 5 days before Christmas.  Usually we aren’t in school, but this year we were and since she wasn’t having a party (she got her ears pierced and a special dinner out), she wanted to take goodies to the kids in her class.  I raided the junk aisle (ahem, party favor aisle) at Walmart and found these green paper bags at Michael’s.  I made little tags with the cutest graphic from Kate Hadfield (I worked with her on the popcorn toppers, remember?).

I filled the bags with goodies, folded a piece of ribbon over the top,  and stapled.  Then I added the circles I made with a pop dot.  It seriously took me about 15 minutes to make 22 of these.  quick, easy, cute.  This is officially my new way of wrapping bags!

{my real life} Birthday Cup Cakes…literally

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I play bunco with a nice group of ladies.  I think bunco is an Army wife staple…that, knowing where to stuff the TA50, and knowing how to make a green bean casserole.  Anyhoo, it’s a fun excuse to get out of the house.  And I always say, if it’s something I can do with a drink in one hand and while carrying on a conversation, then it’s pretty easy.

This month was my good friend’s turn to host.  And it was also her birthday.  So I made birthday cup cakes.  Not cupcakes.  Cup cakes.  I think we were talking one day and I was saying how I saw some cute clear cups on Pinterest that had been personalized with stickers from Frog Prince Paperie.  Then we started talked about what you could put in the cups.  It might have even been the birthday girl’s good idea to put cupcakes in cups.  And then I remembered this pin, too, from Lisa Storms.  We thought it would be a great idea for kid birthdays…no papers to mess with and maybe a bit less messy.  So I decided to try it out on the bunco ladies.  I’m pretty sure they were a hit with the crowd :)

I found the ‘crystal cut’ plastic cups at Target. I made a simple happy birthday tag for each one, printed them on sticker paper, and cut them out with a 2-inch circle punch.  I loaded each cup with a bit of icing so that the cupcake would stick (plus it’s a nice little treat to get extra icing in the bottom of your cup!).  I plopped the cupcakes in and iced them.  I gave each cake a candle (like I did here) and a bit of yellow frosting for a flame.  The cups actually made it really easy to transport them, too.  I lined a basket with tissue and loaded the cups…the cupcakes didn’t touch each other and it made for a nice little display, too.

And a party just isn’t a party without party favors, so each bunco lady got a little something to take home, too.  And the birthday girl got a little something extra.  My inspiration?  Another pin!


And the birthday girl got a little something extra.  My inspiration?  Another pin from Poca Cosa via Be Different Act Normal!


And the birthday girl was happy with her chocolate cake!

Remember those tissues and hand sanitizers?

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I know I’m late…really late…but remember these?  I mentioned on Facebook that I had picked up some of those little hand sanitizers from Bath & Body and some cute little tissue packs from the dollar spot at Target.

And I turned them into little gifts for teachers…

And if you still need a cute tag, jump over to my Facebook page, ‘like’ me (if you haven’t already) and download this cute tag!

UPDATE:  There seems to be something amiss with the FB thingy.  It will get fixed :)  Please still go ‘like’ me on Facebook, but for now you can also download the tags here.



{Teacher Appreciation} Day 2…for some POP!ular teachers

Last year’s collaboration with Bridget from Bake@350 has been one of my most popular {ha!} posts.  She made the most adorable cookies ever.  We bagged them up with a cute treat topper and they were wildly popular {there it is again, I swear I’m not trying}.  It certainly helped that we were basically neighbors and we met to put the bags together.  You can read all about it here.

I am a big Bridget fan.  I’ve been reading and drooling over her blog for a long time.  And while I consider myself fairly crafty and a bit of a foodie, I have never tackled cookies.  Well, does Toll House break and bake count?  Anyway, although we have since moved and I am no longer close to Bridget, boo hoo, I decided I could still do a popular gift for our teachers this year in keeping with the theme from last year.

Not long ago, Bridget did a post about some candied popcorn she made.  She found the recipe from another super blogger, Kellie from This Blessed Nest. At the end, a comment was made about how you really could make this popcorn for any occasion….ding! ding! ding!  idea.

I followed Kellie’s instructions.  I used that microwave popcorn she did…by the way, it’s really yummy.  I used plain vanilla candy melts {you can find those at Walmart now for those of you, like me, who live in small towns} and regular M&Ms.  I did take out {ahem, devour} the brown M&Ms…just because I didn’t feel they went with my color scheme.  Call me picky.  I bagged it up and tied the bags with ribbon and this cute little tag I made.  And guess what?  I made some tags for you, too.  You can download them here. As always, they are in pdf format, so all you have to do is open and print.  You do have to have the free Adobe Reader, but you probably already have it on your computer.

Um…this stuff is delicious.  Seriously.  I’m surprised it made it into bags for the teachers.




{Teacher Appreciation} Day 1…Note Holder

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Take note, Mrs. Pierce and Mrs. Sepulveda…we think you’re awesome around here!

In case you didn’t know…I used to teach.  I have a great respect for the men and women who teach our children.  It’s a hard job, y’all.  And, unfortunately, it doesn’t always come with a ‘thank you.’  That’s why I think Teacher Appreciation is so important.  All the time.  But especially during the first week of May each year.  I try to send in a little something each day that week.  I’ll be sharing what we’re sending in this week.  First up, Monday’s gift idea…and it comes with a freebie!

Next time you are out, pick up 5×7 inch acrylic frame, some cardstock {if you don’t already have some}, and a pack of 3×3 inch Post It Notes.  I found everything at Walmart.  The acrylic frame is in the picture frame department.  It has a little molded ledge on it so that it will sit up a bit…which makes it perfect for a little desktop note holder.

Print the freebie {scroll down for the link} on white cardstock.  At least that’s what I do.  I like the bright white cardstock.  And when I get really fancy, I go Epson Premium Presentation Paper.  It’s a heavy weight, like cardstock and the finish is just really pretty and bright white.  {They have it at Target with the computers/printer ink}  Which is what I did this time.  Cut out the note and the matching tag.  Slide the note into the frame so the the little ledge is at the top.  Take the back sheet of the Post It pad off and stick the whole pad right square onto the space I’ve given you.

The frame was about a buck.  Plus, when the note holder runs out of Post Its, the teacher can get reload it with another pad.  LOVE THIS IDEA!  And just for the record, I didn’t invent this…I’ve seen it somewhere {where? not sure.  anyone know?}.  I just tweaked it a bit.  I made it in two versions, just for some variety.  Both are in the download below.  Now just attach the little tag with some ribbon and it’s ready for giving.  In fact, this little project is soooo easy and cost effective, you can make some extras!

Here’s the link for the free download.  IT’S HERE! It’s in pdf form, so all you need is the free Adobe Reader to open and print.

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