{In a Jar} Little Pies in a Jar with a FREEBIE!

I have been wanting to try this ever since I first saw it over on Our Best Bites in September.

I finally did it.

First, let me say that I wish I was the kind of baker that loved to bake from scratch.  I really admire those people.  To make a pie crust from scratch would be delicious.  I just don’t have that kind of patience.  Granted, I did want to make the pie filling with Honey Crisp apples.  The absolute best apples on the planet.  However, the grocery store didn’t have them yesterday and by golly, I wanted pie, so canned pie filling it is.  I found these half-pint jelly jars at Walmart and snatched them up…each cute little jar is 4 ounces. {love these jars!}


I followed the steps set out by Our Best Bites.  I went the easy way and used a ready made pie crust and canned pie filling.  {Now the box of pie crusts come with two crusts, a top and a bottom.  I only used one and it made four little pies.} I let the pie crust sit for about 5 minutes before I rolled it out on wax paper.  Using the tops of the jars, I cut circles for the pie tops.

pie2 Then using little pieces of crust that I tore off, I pressed the pie crust on the bottom and sides of the jar. {I didn’t grease them}

pie3 I used about 1/3 cup of pie filling for each little jar.

pie4 I took a little heart cookie cutter I had {from a Wilton set…butterfly, scalloped heart, flower, etc} to cut a heart out of the top.  I pinched the tops into the jars.  I would have loved to do the beautiful little fork trick to seal the edges…I tried it and it didn’t work for me.  Maybe there’s a trick.  I was just hankerin’ for some pie, so I pinched the edges in and let it be.


I put the heart I cut out back on top, offset a bit so the pie could breathe and bubble.  Then I brushed the top with melted butter and sprinkled it with sugar, per the suggestion.  I put tops of two of them and popped them in the freezer.  The other two I put on a baking sheet in a 375 degree oven.  They baked for about 40 minutes.

pie6 I shared the other two today with a friend.  I tied the rim with ribbon and used a 2 inch scalloped punch to cut out these cute little tags that just happen to have the directions on them.

pie8 pie7 I thought some of you might like the labels, so I made some up to share!  You can download the labels here! The picture is also linked.  It’s a PDF file, so no special software is needed.  You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader {which you probably have already}.  Just download, open, and print.


12 Days Blog Hop: Day 5

Well, we’ve made a full revolution through our participating designers and it’s Kelleigh’s turn again!  Kelleigh always has the cutest ways to package a gift…in fact, I’d say the best part of the gift might just be it’s packaging!  Head over to her blog and check out what she made for just 26 cents…



Just a short little post.  I’ve seen two of the cutest ideas for gumballs lately and wanted to share.  First up is Leigh.  I LOVE Leigh’s work.  Everything she does is super cute, clever, thoughtful, and easy.  Check out these cute teacher appreciation gumballs

DSC07511 Leigh has LOTS of other cute ideas, so head over there and looky.  And leave her some lovey comments while you’re there. (tell her Mel sent ya!)

Next, are these adorable little mini gumball machine cupcakes from cookies and cups.  She shows a step by step on how to create them and they don’t look hard at all!  Seriously thinking about trying these :)

gumball cupcake2

Cowboy Cookies and a Freebie!

Howdy, ya’ll!  Rodeo season is in full effect here in Texas.  We’re getting good use out of our hats and boots lately at everything from Go Texan Day to a first-grade Chilli Cook-off at school.  Today we’re making these Cowboy Cookies from Bakerella.  They are the perfect treat after a long day on the range…or school…whatever.  I followed Bakerella’s recipe, except I used regular M&Ms.  I mixed them up and threw them on the pan.  I made a whole batch to take to a meeting and even made a ready-to-bake jar for the hostess gift.  TIP: Use wax paper rolled into a funnel to load the ingredients into the jar.  Muuuuuch easier.  I used a bandana to cover the jar lid and tied it with some twine.  I used another bandana to line my basket to transport the cookies.

I made a label for jar and used a scalloped punch to cut it out.  I also made some recipe cards to take and share using Pamela Donnis and Krystal Hartley’s Wild Wild West digital scrapbooking kit, available at The Digi Chick.  My good friend, Jen, taught me a long time ago that’s a thoughtful gesture to share the recipe of the dish you bring.  It’s always appreciated.

I asked nicely and she’s letting me share the recipe card and jar label with you!  Here’s the pdf download.  Be a sweetie and check out Pamela’s blog, Keeping Life Creative, and show her some love for sharing with us!



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