You’ve Been BOO’d!

We have played a little BOO! game in our neighborhoods for several years.  We just carry the tradition to every new place that we live.  This year I decided to make some printables to share so that you can BOO! your neighbors (co-workers, students, friends) too!

Here’s the little poem I worked up…

Here’s how it works…

You make two goodie bags.  Think simple.  I used brown paper lunch sacks.  Then I filled them with individually wrapped candy (just my preference).

Print out the directions and some topper/tags.  Put the direction sheet and BOO’d sign in the bags. Use the treat topper or tag to decorate the outside.  FYI…I printed these on regular printer paper.  On one I just staple a bit of ribbon over a topper.  One I did a topper, punch two holes, and tied a ribbon through.  The last one I used some cute washi tape to attach a tag.

And then deliver to unsuspecting neighbors :)

You can download the poem/sign here and the topper/tags here

Get to BOOing!



It’s getting a little Halloweeny up in here…

A cold front came through and I’m feeling fall-ish.  The heat is on.  Scentsy fall scents burning (and it smells gooooood).  And I put up the Halloween wreath.  So, it’s offically fall up in here.

{SVG cuts} {Pinteresting} Halloween Cheesecake Cupcake Rounds

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I made something from Pinterest! I knew when I pinned these cute little cheesecakes from my ‘sweets & treats’ board that I wanted to make them soon.  Last Friday was my regular Bunco game.  Halloween themed.  Ever played bunco?  It’s a simple dice game…I always say if it’s something I can do with a drink in one hand and while talking, it’s pretty simple…and it seems to be an Army wife staple.  The best part is getting out of the house for a little while with adults (and especially when hubby has been gone for a while now).  God Bless Bunco.

So, back on topic…little halloween cheesecakes. Super. Easy.  And delish. Risa of Baked Perfection gives very simple, easy instructions on her blog post.  I halved the recipe, made these the night before and left them in the fridge overnight.  The next morning I had an idea in the shower.  Don’t laugh…I seriously have 95% of my ‘good ideas’ in the shower.  I think it’s because no one is calling me or hanging on me or whining to me or asking me questions.  At least not that I can hear.  God Bless Showers.  Anyway, it came to me…cupcake rounds.  I had baked the cheesecakes in cute black and white polka dot liners.  {cause I have a polka dot thing}  I didn’t want cupcake picks to stick in them.  I wanted something simple but cute…knowing that, let’s be real here, any work I put into to these would soon find itself in the trash…I thought this idea would work.  Now I’m not saying that I invented the cupcake round.  I’m just saying I don’t think I’ve seen this anywhere else.

Back on topic again…sorry.  So I drew some a spider and a ‘boo!’on my handy dandy Mac, encircled them (as to fit on the top of the cheesecakes), and made a few svg files.  {svg files are cutting files…they can be used with a digital die cut machines like the Silhouette and its software} I cut the spider and boo circles in black at 2 inches and then cut slightly smaller yellow circles to lie underneath.  I like them.  They were different, easy, cute, and cheap…doesn’t that cover all my bases?

Whaddayathink?  And if you haven’t joined Pinterest yet and need an invite, email me {domesticatedlady at gmail dot com} with PINTEREST in the subject line and I’ll hook you up!

Oh yeah, and God Bless Cheesecake, too :)


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{Halloween} Spooky Wreath

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I started thinking…almost all of the projects I do have two things in common: polka dots and ribbon.  I’m a huge fan of both.  Any kind of polka dot.  And polka dot ribbon?  looooooooove it! I have a nice little collection of the polka dot ribbon kind.  And good thing, too, cause I used a bunch of it for this project.

I saw this wreath last year and knew I wanted to make one.  I picked about 10 different ribbons (maybe more?) in different sizes to start and cut them in about 4.5″ pieces.  Basically I followed her tutorial.  I wrapped my wreath with black grosgrain ribbon to start.  (I prefer to use grosgrain when I can)  My black ribbon was 1.5″ grosgrain, so it took a pretty good amount to wrap the wreath.  Then I set to sewing ribbon loops.  A ton of them.  But it really did pay off because I had plenty of loops to cover the wreath and make it nice and full.  I used my glue gun to attach the loop seams to the wreath.

Mine is already on the door.  I didn’t do the glittery numbers or ribbon hang.  Just simple. Well, fluffy cute and simple.


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