{Lifestyle Crafts} Cupcake Bunting

It’s been a hectic week.  Just one of those weeks where everyone needs to be in a different place dressed in a uniform (or some other kind of ‘special’ clothes) all on the same day at the same time.  So I made cupcakes.  And, because I like cute things, I made my cupcakes cute using my new goodies from Lifestyle Crafts.  These would work for really any occasion, like Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, or, like today, just Friday.


Here are my goodies…


I got to play with letterpress paper, the Quickstik (super love), and the new detailz dies in banners and flags.  The new detailz dies cut AND emboss at the same time.  They cut clean and the embossing is very pretty.  The paper is nice and thick and the embossing shows up well.  And the Quickstik…?  Well it’s genius.  You can use it to pick up tiny pieces (has a little sticky tip), place your items, and poke out the detailing on your dies.  Love it.  I can see lots of uses for this thing.  I even used it to thread the baker’s twine through the banners!


Back to cupcakes.  First, let me say that I am a cupcake purist.  I like white cake and white icing.  Like wedding cake.  And you can’t beat wedding cake.  Second, a cupcake serving size is not one cupcake.  Please.  You need at least two.  So my cute cupcake bunting uses two cupcakes.  So you have to eat them both.


Taaaa-daaaa!  Cute, right?  I used baker’s twine and long lollipop sticks.  I know they’re white, but I think you can see the embossing detail.  I just wanted to use that yummy paper.


Perfect cuts.  And love how the die cuts the little slits for the string, too.  I used my Quickstik to thread those through.  I wanted to use the flag dies, too.  Especially the one with the embossed THANKS on it.  Very cute.  I can see this being used on bunches on things.  Quick, cute, and easy.  Just the way I like it.


It’s a super sunny day (hallelujah!), so the pictures don’t so these dies justice.  Trust me…pretty, pretty, pretty.

As always, Lifestyle Crafts lets my readers have a 20% discount…just use the code LADY.  And there’s a linky on the sidebar.  I’m off to eat my cupcakes and celebrate Friday.

{SVG cuts} {Pinteresting} Halloween Cheesecake Cupcake Rounds

Pin It

I made something from Pinterest! I knew when I pinned these cute little cheesecakes from my ‘sweets & treats’ board that I wanted to make them soon.  Last Friday was my regular Bunco game.  Halloween themed.  Ever played bunco?  It’s a simple dice game…I always say if it’s something I can do with a drink in one hand and while talking, it’s pretty simple…and it seems to be an Army wife staple.  The best part is getting out of the house for a little while with adults (and especially when hubby has been gone for a while now).  God Bless Bunco.

So, back on topic…little halloween cheesecakes. Super. Easy.  And delish. Risa of Baked Perfection gives very simple, easy instructions on her blog post.  I halved the recipe, made these the night before and left them in the fridge overnight.  The next morning I had an idea in the shower.  Don’t laugh…I seriously have 95% of my ‘good ideas’ in the shower.  I think it’s because no one is calling me or hanging on me or whining to me or asking me questions.  At least not that I can hear.  God Bless Showers.  Anyway, it came to me…cupcake rounds.  I had baked the cheesecakes in cute black and white polka dot liners.  {cause I have a polka dot thing}  I didn’t want cupcake picks to stick in them.  I wanted something simple but cute…knowing that, let’s be real here, any work I put into to these would soon find itself in the trash…I thought this idea would work.  Now I’m not saying that I invented the cupcake round.  I’m just saying I don’t think I’ve seen this anywhere else.

Back on topic again…sorry.  So I drew some a spider and a ‘boo!’on my handy dandy Mac, encircled them (as to fit on the top of the cheesecakes), and made a few svg files.  {svg files are cutting files…they can be used with a digital die cut machines like the Silhouette and its software} I cut the spider and boo circles in black at 2 inches and then cut slightly smaller yellow circles to lie underneath.  I like them.  They were different, easy, cute, and cheap…doesn’t that cover all my bases?

Whaddayathink?  And if you haven’t joined Pinterest yet and need an invite, email me {domesticatedlady at gmail dot com} with PINTEREST in the subject line and I’ll hook you up!

Oh yeah, and God Bless Cheesecake, too :)


I’m linking up to…


Tip Junkie handmade projects

{The Big Dip} Fish {on a} Stick

I’ve been working on some printables for little fishy party.  I’ve been trying to come up with some tasty little party treats.  You know, so I can try them out.  And taste as many as needed to assure good quality control.  I wouldn’t want to recommend something I wouldn’t eat {several of} myself.  I decided to go with an old favorite…dipped Oreos on a stick.  I’ve done them before (there’s even some how-to pics). They are easy and yummy.

That’s an Oreo with a rice cereal treat ‘lip’ on the fishbowl dipped in candy melts.  The little fishies are candy melts that I piped on wax paper and then attached after they dried.  Quick, easy, and cheap…my three requirements!  How could you not love a cookie on a stick dipped in candy??

I can’t wait to show you the printables that match…coming soon!

{Goody Goody Tuesday} Printable Cupcake Stand

Here’s my goody for you today.  I’m so proud of this little printable.  I worked and worked and finally came up with the design.  The base prints on one page.  The top is a 3 inch punch of one of my party tags.  It’s really sturdy and super cute to boot!  I’ve got one printable up in the new Etsy shop and I’m working on some others…maybe a plain template, as well?



Just a short little post.  I’ve seen two of the cutest ideas for gumballs lately and wanted to share.  First up is Leigh.  I LOVE Leigh’s work.  Everything she does is super cute, clever, thoughtful, and easy.  Check out these cute teacher appreciation gumballs

DSC07511 Leigh has LOTS of other cute ideas, so head over there and looky.  And leave her some lovey comments while you’re there. (tell her Mel sent ya!)

Next, are these adorable little mini gumball machine cupcakes from cookies and cups.  She shows a step by step on how to create them and they don’t look hard at all!  Seriously thinking about trying these :)

gumball cupcake2

I just need a bite of cake

I was telling my friend Patti, the other day that sometimes I just need a bite of cake.  One bite…like at ten o’clock at night when it’s quiet and the kids are asleep and I’m enjoying my down time.  And not a whole piece of cake, just a bite.

I had about a dozen devil’s food cupcakes left over from the boy’s special birthday treats and decided to go all Bakerella.  I crumbled the cupcakes up in a big bowl.  Here’s where I went crazy.

I crushed an entire sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mints into the cupcake crumbles.

Yum, right?  Then I emptied a can of vanilla icing into the bowl.  I really wanted to use cream cheese icing, but hubby is not big on cream cheese icing.  I did not need to eat all of these cake balls myself, so I compromised.  In this case, vanilla icing=fitting into my pants.


I mushed it all up and formed little balls.  I had some little wooden spoon things…remember like those ones you used to get with the ice cream cups?…and stuck those in each ball.  I stuck them in the freezer for a bit and then dipped them in light cocoa candy melts.  I added a few sprinkles, because, well, sprinkles make everything taste better.


Now to just eat one.

Our little birthday tradition

It started three years ago when we lived in New Jersey.  My son was in Kindergarten.  According to NJ school law at the time, you could not send anything to school (for birthdays, parties, etc) that was not ‘healthy.’  Now that doesn’t exactly make much room for special birthday cupcakes.  So, after some thought, I came up with a plan.  Cinnamon muffins (which vaguely LOOK like cupcakes) and pretzel candles.  I did jazz up the pretzels a bit with candy coating and jimmies…but it’s still a pretzel and pretzels were on the acceptable list and technically it’s a pretzel.  I was clinging to that.  Turns out, the kids loved them and thus began our birthday cupcake tradition.  Now that we live in Texas, cupcakes are still acceptable special birthday treat.  At the request of the birthday boy, this year was devil’s food with chocolate icing.  Yummy choice.

To make the pretzels, I just dipped pretzels sticks into white candy melts, twirled the stick to get rid of the excess coating, and rolled them in jimmies.  Once I get them pushed into the cupcake, I give them a little flame with yellow icing.  This year, one of the third graders thought it really was a candle!

bdaytradition And the finished product…


I’ve never seen anyone else do this, so I’m proud to call this an original idea.  I don’t know how many more years he’s actually gonna let me make these and bring them to school.  I’m enjoying while I can.  I love having and creating new traditions in our family.  Let me hear some of your birthday traditions!

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