{12 Days} Staching Through the Snow!


It’s my turn!  Welcome everyone following the 12 Days of Crafty Christmas!

December is a busy month for us.  We have all of the usual happy, merry craziness and my daughter’s birthday is only a few days before Christmas.  {That’s good story, but for another time}  Many years, school has already let out for the holidays by the time her birthday comes.  This year she will still be in school…which means we have put much thought into what will be taken to school for the birthday treat!

My daughter is kind of obsessed with mustaches.  I know it’s a trend…they are everywhere.  So we came up with a cute treat that’s holiday-ish, birthday-ish, use-for-what-ever-winter-themed-thing-you-have-going-on treat….chocolate mustaches!  And with the cute tag, we’ll be Staching Through the Snow!

I found all of the supplies at the craft store (I would even check Wal-Mart first).

Mustache candy mold

Candy melts

Lollipop sticks

Cello bags (I used shaped bags)


Staching tag (FREE printable!)

These were really easy.  Basically melt, pour, fridge, wrap, and tie.

Fill half of the candy cavity with melted candy.  Gently tap the mold on a hard surface, so that any air bubble will rise to the top.  Insert the lollipop stick into the groove on the mold and turn the stick to coat it all around.  Continue to fill the mold until full.  Place the mold in the fridge to harden.

When you take the mold out, give it a gentle twist and the mustache will pop out.  Place in the bag, tie with ribbon and tag.


Prepare to have one happy mustach-i-oed camper!


You can ‘stache through the snow, too, with these free printable tags!  Enjoy!


We’ve been ‘staching everything aorund here…

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You’ve Been BOO’d!

We have played a little BOO! game in our neighborhoods for several years.  We just carry the tradition to every new place that we live.  This year I decided to make some printables to share so that you can BOO! your neighbors (co-workers, students, friends) too!

Here’s the little poem I worked up…

Here’s how it works…

You make two goodie bags.  Think simple.  I used brown paper lunch sacks.  Then I filled them with individually wrapped candy (just my preference).

Print out the directions and some topper/tags.  Put the direction sheet and BOO’d sign in the bags. Use the treat topper or tag to decorate the outside.  FYI…I printed these on regular printer paper.  On one I just staple a bit of ribbon over a topper.  One I did a topper, punch two holes, and tied a ribbon through.  The last one I used some cute washi tape to attach a tag.

And then deliver to unsuspecting neighbors :)

You can download the poem/sign here and the topper/tags here

Get to BOOing!



{roundup} Welcome, February!

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It’s February…already.  And we’ve had unseasonably warm weather around here, which makes me bittersweet.  I love the weather (and not freezing to death), but it makes we think that Mother Nature has something coming.  My friend predicts a March blizzard.  We’ll see.  I’m all for blizzards when they have chunks of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in them :)

Since it is February now, I thought I should get out some of my February stuff…

Groundhog Day Pudding Cups

The Valentine Wreath

those cute leopard print bags

And to decide what Valentines we’re going to make this year…will it be

or these (or maybe both?)

And don’t forget to grab this one, too!

I’ve got lots of great things planned for February, so be sure to sign up for email updates, subscribe in a reader, check out FB, and follow on Twitter!


{freebie} Lollipop Wraps for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.  I can be all pink and red and sparkly and cutesy…and it’s totally acceptable!

You know I’ll all about cute, easy, and cheap.  Here’s a project that fits all three.  And it’s the cheapest kind of cheap…free!

Allow me to introduce…lollipop wraps, or lolly wraps for short.  Little lollipop tents that require no glue to stay together!  Easy for little hands and bigger hands, too :)

Just print, cut, score, and punch a hole.  A lollipop fits right in and it’s done!

You can grab the printable here

I even made a video to show how to assemble them…

Enjoy!  As always, I love to see pictures of the printables you make from my site.  You can upload your photos to our Facebook page!  (plus I have exclusive freebies on the FB page)

{FAIL} Maybe not such a good idea…

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Just to let you know that not every idea I have necessarily works out…

I bought candy corn and Hershey’s hugs to make these cuties for Halloween

from baking and creating with Avril via cake info and pinned to my board :)

Well, they never got made for Halloween.  But I thought I could maybe change them a bit and use them for Thanksgiving.  I thought the hugs could be bodies, the candy corn could be a beak, mini chocolate chips for eyes…just need something for the waddle (is that what it’s called?).  They could be TURKEYS!  At first I looked at jelly beans for the waddle, but too big I thought.  Then standing in the Walmart checkout I spotted Tic Tacs, in red.  I just knew it would work.

It did not.

Poor guys look kinda like wounded snowmen.

The kids still ate them :)

{Teacher Appreciation} Day 5…S’more Fun

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Wow!  This week really got away from me.  How is it Thursday already?  The teachers have been loving their goodies this week.  And I think I’ve taken the PTA position for Teacher Appreciation next year :)  At least I have an arsenal of good things to use!  Speaking of good teacher appreciation ideas…if you like my style, you will love Leigh.  Leigh one of my ‘in the computer’ friends.  She’s funny, sweet, and has just about the exact same likes and style that I do.  She’s been sharing her teacher appreciation ideas, too, over on her blog, It’s All Small Stuff.  Please go check it out, leave her some love, and tell her I sent you.  She has no idea I’m writing this, so it’ll be a surprise.  It’ll make her day.  Oh, did I mention she teaches?  She knows what teachers like :)


Ok, back to business.  Day 5 is a classic.  It is probably the absolute most popular thing on this little bloggy.  S’mores!

And it has a free printable!  Go check out the post from last year.

{Teacher Appreciation} Day 4…Candy Bar Box

I’m sorry, but anytime anyone wants to give me chocolate, I will take it.  I kinda think your kiddo’s teacher might just feel the same way.  It’s like a’Friday afternoon after the buses leave’ in bar form.

Today’s download works just a bit differently.  This little candy bar box was made by me…I thunk and made it :)  It’s a template product in my digital shop.  Meaning…if you digital scrap, you can make it into whatever you want it to be.  So, I can’t really give it away.  See?  BUT I can make it a ready to use printable and put it in my Etsy store.  What do you think?  It’s cuuuuuuute {sing-songy voice} and you’re gonna liiiiiiiike it ! {again with the singy voice}  It’s yours to use and print once…or a thousand times.  Use it for teacher appreciation, end of school, first day…the list goes on.  You just can’t sell it.  :) Continue reading for the details.

and it magically, exactly fits a standard size Hershey bar!

This will come to you as a 2 page pdf file.  The first page is the printable and the second is a full photo how-to sheet…it shows how to put it together.  You will need cardstock, scissors, glue (a glue stick would be just fine), and maybe some ribbon.  The directions will tell you to score the lines.  It has little dotted lines where you need to fold.  Scoring those lines just makes it easier to fold and look a little nicer.  I have a scoring thingy.  If you don’t, no biggie.  Just use a ruler and the back of a butter knife (not the blade, just turn it over).  It will make a nice little indention to fold, but not cut the paper.

Thanks so much, too, for all the encouraging words and nice comments.  I really do appreciate them! And please know that I would love to personalize each printable for everyone, but my children like to eat and have their Mom around…I just don’t have the time!


{Marry Me Monday} Mint to be

Lately, I’ve started to notice all the cute wedding ideas out there right now.  I’ve been married for almost 15 years, so it’s not like I’ve been thinking about weddings lately.  But my sister did get married last year and I had such a great time watching her get ready for and plundering through a lot of ideas to find the ones she wanted to use.  I’ve also noticed that there are a lot of ideas for other occasions that can easily be modified to fit a wedding…easy, inexpensive, and personal little details that make the day special. So join me in Marry Me Mondays!


This week’s idea is one I’ve seen before (not sure where or I’d tell you).  It’s a simple pack of Mentos mints.  I removed the cover and measured it, making the exact same size document on my computer.  I added some cute digital paper  I made, printed out a tag and assembled.  The foil was pink, so I left it, but I think you could easily just rewrap it in a thin silver foil, maybe even candy foil from the craft store.  And I used my computer, but this would also be really easy to do with some cute scrapbook paper, too.  Use a cute punch and handwrite the sentiment and the date for a very organic feel.

Anyone else have a cute wedding favor idea?


Linking up…


Tip Junkie handmade projects

12 Days Blog Hop: Day 11, A FREEBIE!

I can’t believe it’s almost over :(  We’ve had the best time bringing you lots of wonderfully cute, easy, and inexpensive ideas for the holidays.  Today is no exception!


I love a treat topper.  ANYTHING looks delightful when wrapped up in some cute little paper :)  For today I’ve made you a holiday treat tent.  {I used our delightfully humongous Grab Bag, that is still available at an amazing price until December 13th}  It’s designed to hold a snack sized zipper bag.  Simply print, cut, and fold where the patterned paper changes.  Insert your candy-filled baggie, fold over the top, and punch holes through.  Tie with some cute ribbon.  Easy peasy.  I also used a punch to scallop the edges.


I even put a little place on the back so that you can make sure they know who it’s from!


I filled my treat tent with Hershey Kisses, but just about anything would be cute.


And since I love you sooooo much…I’m giving it to ya as a FREEBIE!!  This free printable comes as a pdf file, so no special software is needed; you’ll just need Adobe Reader, which most of us have already.  You can grab the FREE DOWNLOAD HERE

enJOYfreebie Here are some other ideas for filling your zipper bag…

dry hot cocoa mix and directions

mini marshmallows (snowman poop!)

Chex mix…you know, Santa always ‘chex’ his list twice!

any kind of candy…who doesn’t love candy?

peppermint bark

Coming up tomorrow…Pam’s Question Jar.

12 Days Blog Hop: Day 10

You know I love Mari!  She’s made the cutest little reindeer for today’s project!  Run over to her blog and check it out!


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