{valentine’s, freebie} can you handle s’more Valentine printables?

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Remember these?  I’m guessing you probably do.  It’s been, by far, my most popular post.  Thanks again to Jeni for suggesting it.  I recently had a comment on that post from  Jen, suggesting a Valentine themed s’mores printable.  I thought it was a great idea.  I tweaked the design a little…and just happened to find white and pink marshmallow hearts at Walmart!  Perfect!  Pink toppers with little white and red hearts on them…too cute!  But I have a son.  The printable is pushing it for him, period.  A pink printable with pink marshmallow hearts would put him over the edge.  So I made one in blue too.  I used the pink marshmallows with the pink printable and white marshmallows with the blue printable.  The front says ‘I need s’more friends like you’ and on the back are the directions on how to make a quick microwave s’more treat. I added a little space to write a ‘to’ and ‘from’ also.


The download is a two page pdf file.  When you click the link, it will pop up on your screen.  You can either print it right there (print both pages or just the one you need) or save it.  I printed mine on white cardstock that I bought at Walmart. Cut out the toppers, score them down the middle and fold over a clear cello bag.  I used a 4×9 inch clear Wilton treat bag that I also found at Walmart (can you tell which store is closest to my house?).  Staple the folded topper over the folded cello bag.  You can grab the download here.



p.s. I already sent them to Jeni and Jen…they got first dibs on the new printable for their awesome ideas!

p.p.s. I love when you guys leave comments on the post saying that you downloaded :)  It gives me an idea if they are really usable…and cute.

p.p.p.s Just a little reminder that these are for personal use only.  I design them so that I can share with you.  You may make them for others, but please don’t share the file (just send them over, they can download for free, too!) or sell it.
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{Learning} FREE Alphabet Card Printables

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As some of you may know, I am a ‘retired’ teacher.  I mean, before I had the kids, I taught school.  I’ve taught middle school math, third grade, fourth grade, pre-K, and even adult education. That covers just about everybody, right?  It’s hard to say who my favorite group is…although it can be much easier to deal with kids than adults {wink}.  I do always enjoy the itty bitty ones.  Learning is still fun for them and it’s so easy to make the learning fun.  It’s hard to make your 10 year old son’s writing-an-interesting-paragraph assignment a barrel of monkeys.  It’s a whole lot easier and way more fun to learn about letters by building them with crackers and then eating them!  I miss those fun lessons…which is way I’m really excited to have the opportunity to share some fun and educational activities for all ages on the Tip Junkie blog over the next month!  {I feel like I’m back in my dorky teacher groove!}

And what’s a fun lesson without a cute printable??  You can see 25 worthwhile activities to do with alphabet cards and even download your own set of cards over at Tip Junkie.  (they will probably do best printed on cardstock)

Have any other great ways to use alphabet cards?  Come join the discussion on our FB page!

{Halloween} Spooky Wreath

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I started thinking…almost all of the projects I do have two things in common: polka dots and ribbon.  I’m a huge fan of both.  Any kind of polka dot.  And polka dot ribbon?  looooooooove it! I have a nice little collection of the polka dot ribbon kind.  And good thing, too, cause I used a bunch of it for this project.

I saw this wreath last year and knew I wanted to make one.  I picked about 10 different ribbons (maybe more?) in different sizes to start and cut them in about 4.5″ pieces.  Basically I followed her tutorial.  I wrapped my wreath with black grosgrain ribbon to start.  (I prefer to use grosgrain when I can)  My black ribbon was 1.5″ grosgrain, so it took a pretty good amount to wrap the wreath.  Then I set to sewing ribbon loops.  A ton of them.  But it really did pay off because I had plenty of loops to cover the wreath and make it nice and full.  I used my glue gun to attach the loop seams to the wreath.

Mine is already on the door.  I didn’t do the glittery numbers or ribbon hang.  Just simple. Well, fluffy cute and simple.


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