{make it mine} Pinteresting Canvas

I wasn’t even sure what to call this project.  Canvas seems a little too plain.  Canvas I found on Pinterest and changed so I could hang it in my bedroom is a little long.  But that’s what it is…a pin I found on Pinterest that I changed to suit me and my bedroom wall.

The pin is on my Make It Mine board.  And the original post is here.  I know Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess made something similar.  That was the original plan…to mask off the letters with vinyl then paint over with a dark wash and peel the letters off to reveal the mod podged vintage book pages beneath.  Good plan except that I COULD NOT decide on a color.  I didn’t want to go too dark and the letters I chose KG Skinny Latte by Kimberly Geswein, were a bit too skinny and I thought you might not could see them clearly.  After letting it sit in my head, (aka putting the canvas away and forgetting about it until last week) I made a plan.  The plan included vintage book pages, whitewashed chevron, black vinyl, and song lyrics.

Let me just tell you that since I decided to use this particular lyric from “You Are My Sunshine,” I cannot get that song outta my head.  Seriously.

First I grabbed a 24×36 canvas at Michael’s with my coupon.  I also picked up Martha Stewart Crafts Tintable Glaze and Multi-Surface Satin Craft Paint in Wedding Cake (on a different trip with another coupon!).  The black vinyl is Silhouette’s vinyl from Michael’s, but they wouldn’t let me use a coupon for that. boo.  Mod Podge and painter’s tape I picked up at Walmart.

I tore the pages out of an old Aesop’s Fables book I bought eons ago.  I trimmed up the pages and mod podged them onto the canvas.  Side note…I think mod podge is hard, y’all.  I’ve used it many times and am just getting to be ok with it.  I got those pages on the best I could.  After the pages were on and dried, I coated that sucker good with mod podge all over and let it dry overnight.


Then I taped off a chevron pattern with painter’s tape.  I didn’t measure, I eye-balled it.


My lovely assistant helped me whitewash.


I cut the letters with my Silhouette and carefully transferred them over.


I love, love, love it.  It’s going to hang in my bedroom.  FYI…I chose this particular part of the song because my hubby and I refer to each other as ‘dear.’  Always have :)

2nd FYI…I wanna make another one!

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  1. Robyn Hirvela says:

    Hey Melissa!! Love this!! As you know I do ALOT of mixed media artwork. I have found that Liquitex matte medium works better than Mod Podge for adhering paper to canvas. Less wrinkles and bubbles when drying. It is expensive but is well worth the $$! I just use my michaels coupon!

  2. Thanks!! I’ll be sure to grab some next time!

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