You’ve Been BOO’d!

We have played a little BOO! game in our neighborhoods for several years.  We just carry the tradition to every new place that we live.  This year I decided to make some printables to share so that you can BOO! your neighbors (co-workers, students, friends) too!

Here’s the little poem I worked up…

Here’s how it works…

You make two goodie bags.  Think simple.  I used brown paper lunch sacks.  Then I filled them with individually wrapped candy (just my preference).

Print out the directions and some topper/tags.  Put the direction sheet and BOO’d sign in the bags. Use the treat topper or tag to decorate the outside.  FYI…I printed these on regular printer paper.  On one I just staple a bit of ribbon over a topper.  One I did a topper, punch two holes, and tied a ribbon through.  The last one I used some cute washi tape to attach a tag.

And then deliver to unsuspecting neighbors :)

You can download the poem/sign here and the topper/tags here

Get to BOOing!



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