{12 Days} Staching Through the Snow!


It’s my turn!  Welcome everyone following the 12 Days of Crafty Christmas!

December is a busy month for us.  We have all of the usual happy, merry craziness and my daughter’s birthday is only a few days before Christmas.  {That’s good story, but for another time}  Many years, school has already let out for the holidays by the time her birthday comes.  This year she will still be in school…which means we have put much thought into what will be taken to school for the birthday treat!

My daughter is kind of obsessed with mustaches.  I know it’s a trend…they are everywhere.  So we came up with a cute treat that’s holiday-ish, birthday-ish, use-for-what-ever-winter-themed-thing-you-have-going-on treat….chocolate mustaches!  And with the cute tag, we’ll be Staching Through the Snow!

I found all of the supplies at the craft store (I would even check Wal-Mart first).

Mustache candy mold

Candy melts

Lollipop sticks

Cello bags (I used shaped bags)


Staching tag (FREE printable!)

These were really easy.  Basically melt, pour, fridge, wrap, and tie.

Fill half of the candy cavity with melted candy.  Gently tap the mold on a hard surface, so that any air bubble will rise to the top.  Insert the lollipop stick into the groove on the mold and turn the stick to coat it all around.  Continue to fill the mold until full.  Place the mold in the fridge to harden.

When you take the mold out, give it a gentle twist and the mustache will pop out.  Place in the bag, tie with ribbon and tag.


Prepare to have one happy mustach-i-oed camper!


You can ‘stache through the snow, too, with these free printable tags!  Enjoy!


We’ve been ‘staching everything aorund here…

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